27.05.15 - Projects

Motion Mate

MoCo Rig

The Motion Mate system is the core part of my bachelor’s thesis. I constructed and built it from scratch and designed it towards the highest capability and flexibility. The whole system can easily be adapted to any other stepper driven device. Read more…

26.05.15 - Media

Suck up life


This video is the result of my bachelor’s thesis project. It shows the capabilities of my new self-made motion control system and proves it’s accuracy even in macro applications. Read more…

05.09.14 - Projects

Camera Commander

Camera Commander

Since I had to do a study project, that was equally effecting my grade point average, as two evil programming tests would do, I decided to come up with something cool. A simple, neat and very low budget 3 axes motion control rig should to the trick. Read more…

23.03.14 - Projects

Light Paint Buddy

Single frame

Playing around with a linear actuator and some LED´s, led to the development of a fully automated light painting rig, capable of drawing animations into time-lapse videos, including synchronized camera movement and exposure. Read more…