05.09.14 - Projects

Camera Commander

Camera Commander

Since I had to do a study project, that was equally effecting my grade point average, as two evil programming tests would do, I decided to come up with something cool. A simple, neat and very low budget 3 axes motion control rig should to the trick. Read more…

23.03.14 - Projects

Light Paint Buddy

Single frame

Playing around with a linear actuator and some LED´s, led to the development of a fully automated light painting rig, capable of drawing animations into time-lapse videos, including synchronized camera movement and exposure. Read more…

13.03.14 - Media

Cat sized dynamite


For a little mineral-water promotion spot, we wanted to have a cat cuddling with a pack of dynamite :-) Read more…

24.02.14 - Projects

Exposing Guy

UV LED unit

I was sick of soldering on strip boards and getting circuits, that look like they would instantly catch fire, if any kind of electrical power is applied to them. So I decided to build an UV LED exposing unit, to be able to etch my own PCB´s. Read more…