23.03.14 - Projects

Light Paint Buddy

Single frame

Playing around with a linear actuator and some LED´s, led to the development of a fully automated light painting rig, capable of drawing animations into time-lapse videos, including synchronized camera movement and exposure. Read more…

13.03.14 - Media

Cat sized dynamite


For a little mineral-water promotion spot, we wanted to have a cat cuddling with a pack of dynamite :-) Read more…

24.02.14 - Projects

Exposing Guy

UV LED unit

I was sick of soldering on strip boards and getting circuits, that look like they would instantly catch fire, if any kind of electrical power is applied to them. So I decided to build an UV LED exposing unit, to be able to etch my own PCB´s. Read more…

14.02.14 - Projects

Valentine´s Day

Valentine´s Day

Have you ever wondered on how to make your girlfriend happy and simultaneously keep the conventions of nerdiness? Why not use your geek powers, to make the ones you love happy! Read more…