About Weird Workbench

Flensburg harbour by night


Hi, I´m Tobi!

While studying computer science in media, I discovered my love for bringing ideas to the physical world. With prototyping techniques evolving faster and getting more affordable, it’s easier than ever, to enter the world of rapid prototyping. Thanks to the open source movement and people documenting their projects online, it is now possible to use even very complex technologies without having to know about every detail. This causes people to be able, to build their stuff result focused, which IMHO is much better, than having just a few specialists building best practice stuff.

This website is intended to contribute to the Internet’s rich collection of knowledge, not by giving step-by-step instructions (there are tons of tutorials out there), but by showing what can be done with limited budgets and giving inspirations about how to design and connect things. In the future, I may add some machining tip’s, I found useful, doing my projects.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: tobias[at]weirdworkbench.com

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