Suck up life


This video is the result of my bachelor’s thesis project. It shows the capabilities of my new self-made motion control system and proves it’s accuracy even in macro applications. Read more…


Cat sized dynamite


For a short mineral-water promotion spot, we wanted to have a cat cuddling with a pack of dynamite :-) Read more…


Hope & Eden

Eden and Hope

For our 3D animation course, we were told, to produce a one minute clip, telling a little Story, using 3D Animation techniques and combining computer generated characters with real life recordings. Read more…


Dr. Plattdüütsch

Dr Plattdüütsch

Dr. Plattdüütsch is a short stop motion clip, we did in spring 2013. It is intended to promote the dialect, which is spoken in Northern Germany and being part of a film-competition, targeting this subject. Read more…