Get in touch with “Chury”


Get in touch with Chury is an interactive installation based on a fogscreen projection. This enables people to literally grab the illustration of a comet and interact with it. We were asked to develop this project in cooperation with Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research.

If images are projected onto a thin fog surface, they appear like floating in mid air. Unlike any other display there is no separating material between you and the image. In combination with a Leap Motion controller (which is able to track hand motions and translate them into control commands) this makes a very intuitive experience.

At first the fog-emitting device had to be constructed and built. Because of budget and time reasons some compromises had to be made (the fog generation chamber for example consists of a 0,90€ storage box which isn’t stiff and water-proof at all). The structure was designed in CAD to see exactly how much material had to be bought and to speed up the build process.

Fogscreen CAD

After ordering all components the process of assembling and manufacturing took me about one week and left my apartment in a great mess. Two ultrasonic mist generators create the necessary amount of fog which is blown into laminar streams by passing an array of straws and being blown out by a strong fan. At both sides, two streams of air stabilize the fogscreen.


With the hardware finished some visualizations of the comet had to be created. A breakdown of the original comet 67P 3D model was imported in Processing and transformed into different aesthetic animations. The critical part was to keep these real-time executable with the leap motion controller connected.

To see this in action and interact with it is quite an experience and I can’t wait to take this concept one step further in the future…